MS Training Center for Development Cooperation- Short Courses

MS TCDC is a Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Africa. We are situated close to Arusha in Northern Tanzania (East Africa). Throughout the year we run different courses and workshops concurrently in a lively international atmosphere promoting sharing of experience and cross cultural discussions. We have excellent facilities together with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere which make it an ideal place for reflection and learning.

1- GRANTS MANAGEMENT AND FUNDRAISING, 22nd to 26th August 2016
The overall course objective is to enhance the capacity of participants in attracting and
retaining long term donor support through effective fundraising and management of donor relations.
Course Content
a) Introduction to Fundraising
b) The Donor Environment and Donor Scoping
c) The Fundraising Cycle, Fundraising Approaches and Methods
d) Developing Programme Lead Funding Strategy
e) Elements of Project Design
f) Logframe Development, Costing Interventions and Budgeting
g) Managing Donor Relations - Attracting and Retaining Donors
h) Best Practices in Grant and Contract Management
2- NGO MANAGEMENT, 5th to 9th September 2016
The overall aim of the course is to spur growth and success for Non-Profit Organisations by ensuring more effective and productive ways of management.
Course Content:
a) Introduction to NGO Management [Concepts and Perspectives – Understanding of the Purpose
of NGOs; The Role of NGOs, Success Factors and Challenges in Development]

b) Strategic Management of Non-Profit Organisations [Overview & Introduction to Strategic
and Operational Planning; Overview of Management Functions, Roles of Managers & Role of NGO Boards]

c) NGO Leadership & Management Skills [Communication; Team building; Effective Coordination;
Conflict management]

d) Resource Management [Overview of Resource Mobilisation Strategies; Human Resource Management; Financial Management]
Target Group
AAI programme staff and partners. Others are staff from the local government, other development agencies and political leaders, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers, middle management and programme staff of organisations, and Organisational Development (OD) process practitioners of Non-profit Organisations.
Fee for each of the Courses
US$ 350
For Further details:
Hariieth Noah
Email:[email protected]
Tel:+255 27 2541044/6/8