Monitoring & Evaluation Analysts

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The Africa Training Institute is looking for 8 Monitoring & Evaluation Analysts.

The Job

The M&E Analysts will work closely with the Head of Programmes to identify clear baselines, indicators and milestones for implementation of Africa Training Institute programme activities in the following countries: South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Key Functions

  • Support programme and project development and review processes (including
  • project appraisal and design-stage quality assurance), prior to and through the development of programme and project documents, with specific focus on developing sound Theories of Change, results and resources frameworks and M&E frameworks.
  • Ensure the effective application of RBM tools to support the establishment of programme management targets and monitoring the achievement of results, advising on any adjustments required.
  • Support the timely implementation of audit recommendations in the area of RBM and programme management.
  • Support CO management decision making and compliance with corporate programming and reporting requirements by monitoring corporate programme quality dashboards and providing regular analysis and updates to senior management and the programme team.
  • Coordinate the Project Quality Assurance system and serve as QA Reviewer
  • Ensure that gender, youth, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and other vulnerable groups are placed at the centre in project design, monitoring and evaluation, in line with the principle of Leaving No One Behind.
  • Support and contribute to the preparation of Annual Programme Reviews with the partners.
  • Contribute towards the regular updating and implementation of Communications Strategy and Action Plan (PCAP).

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