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Have you always wanted to learn how to collect data using mobile phones?

We take this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming 5 days training course on Mobile Data Collection Using ODK in Nairobi Kenya.

Become intimately familiar with all the four components of mobile data collection: data collection, hosting, visualization and analysis. This course is for professionals who want to strengthen their capacity in mobile data collection using innovative technologies.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to set up and manage mobile data collection platforms using ODK, KoBo Toolbox and Magpi.

Target participants

This course is for professionals who want to strengthen their capacity in mobile data collection using innovative technologies. No prior knowledge of ODK, KoBo Toolbox or Magpi is required.

Course details & registration

1st to 5th July 2019 Series - Register Online

Course objectives

This course will take participants through the tools, techniques, and technologies for data collection using mobile phones and devices.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Digitize/transform questionnaire into mobile compatible formats

Set up a cloud server for survey data hosting

Configure mobile phones/devices for data collection

Collect data offline (Without internet connection)

Upload data to a cloud server.

Visualize and analyze data online

Download data for analysis

Develop maps from survey data

Software and platforms to be covered

ODK - Open Data Kit




Microsoft Excel

Course fees

The course fee is KES 75,000.00 or USD 1,100.00 exclusive of VAT.

The course fees covers the course tuition, training materials, two (2) break refreshments, lunch and study visits. Participants will cater for their travel, accommodation and airport transfer costs.

Tailor-made course

These courses can also be tailored for an organization. This way, an organization will benefit by:

Using own datasets and tools during the training

Being able to choose areas of interest they wish the trainer to put more emphasis on

Taking the course in-house or at a venue of choice

Mobile Data Collection consultancies

Are you planning to collect data using mobile devices?

We will help you setup and implement a mobile based data collection platform.

We will digitize your questionnaires, set up a data hosting platform, calibrate your mobile devices and support you during and after data collection.

We have extensive knowledge and working experience in ODK, KoBo Toolbox, Open HDSS, CSPro for Mobile, Open MRS, Epi Info, Ena, Magpi,, Survey CTO amongst other tools.

Joint bids and sub-contracting

We are available for joint bids and sub-contracting for assignments such as market studies & surveys, baseline studies, mid-term evaluations, end-term evaluations and any other scientific studies.

We will bring in our expertise to set up a mobile data collection platform, oversee, administer and manage the data collection exercise.

Contact details

For further inquiries, please contact us on details below:

Email: [[email protected]](file:///c:/website/convert/p3r68-cdx67/[email protected])
Tel: +254 706909947
Website: [](file:///c:/website/convert/p3r68-cdx67/

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