Micro Finance for Rural Development Course (25th- 27th June 2018)

Event: Micro Finance for Rural Development Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Mombasa, Kenya.

Event Date: 25th- 27th June 2018.




The concept and role of microfinance for the social uplifting and rural development is well known. Micro financing involves the provision of financial services such as saving, loans and insurance to poor people who are unable to obtain such services from the formal banking system. Successful microfinance operations demonstrate that the poor repay their loans and are willing to pay higher interest rates if they can access credit. The poor also save, and hence, microfinance should provide them savings facilities. Attaining financial viability and sustainability is, however, a major institutional challenge. By the end of the course the participants should be able to:

Understand the special challenges of rural areas that are traditionally associated with rural and agricultural credit directed to the poor.

Build a deeper understanding of the fundamental issues of rural finance.

Have skills in conducting a rural and agricultural portfolio assessment and loan analysis – applying 5 C’s in rural finance.

Be familiar with several innovative models and alternate ways of offering rural finance services.

Gain skills in conducting seasonality analysis, preparing cash flows, assessing risk and appraising loans.

Develop an understanding of new and innovative loan products and savings approaches for agriculture and rural areas.

Gain awareness of sources and reference links to further information and support for addressing future challenges in the application of financial services in rural areas.


3 days

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