Malteser International Request for Quoatation RFQ_JUB_2022_0360 Supply and delivery of ICT Equipment

Malteser International Request for Quotation RFQ_JUB_2022_0360 for supply and delivery of office equipment (ICT ) to Malteser International (MI) Country Coordination Office in Juba

  1. Annex 1: Specification of Bidding
  2. Annex 2: Drawings and Bills of Quantities

We look forward to receiving your quotations by or before the submission deadline on

21 November 2022 at or before 4:00pm via

E-mail to**:** [email protected].

Please write in the Subject line of your email with quotation: RFQ_JUB_2022_ 0360
Malteser International RFQ_JUB_2022_0360 for ICT equipment.pdf (190.4 KB)
for office equipment

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,