Logistics, Commodity and Supply Management Training 18th - 22nd June 2018

Event Details: Logistics, Commodity, and Supply Management Training


Reliable and affordable supplies of commodities are critical for the success of any particular organization as it affects the quality of the services, their availability and also influences the cost of production. Therefore, an effective commodity management system must be in place to ensure their accessibility and effective utilization.

This training program thus provides a platform for participants to understand skills for building, maintaining and sustaining an effective commodity supply systems.


The core objective of this course is to provide participants with the skills they need to uphold an efficient commodity supply systems and effective inventory management.


5 days


This course is designed for supply chain managers, Procurement officers, Store Managers, store officers, and other administrators who are involved in the day to day management of commodities and supplies.


  • Introduction to Supply Chain and LogisticsLogistics cycle
  • Organizing logistics system activities
  • Roles and responsibilities of logistics personnel
  • Policies, laws, and regulations in supply management
  • Procurement management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Logistics Management Information Systems
  • Logistics management information systems
  • Essential data for decision making
  • Three types of logistics records
  • Reporting systems and summary reports
  • Using an LMIS for decision making
  • Assessing Stock StatusDistribution and control
  • Inventory management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Supply Chains
  • Monitoring and Evaluation basics
  • Developing an M&E plan
  • Indicators for M&E of supply chains
  • Data collection methodologies
  • Data collection tools
  • Providing feedback and reporting results

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