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Indepth Research Services would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming trainings in 2019 on M&E and Project Management at Indepth Research Services training facilities, in Kigali, Rwanda.

The main role of these training workshops is to provide managers and practitioners with the technical and management tools required for monitoring and evaluating development policies, programs and projects at the local, national, regional, and global levels

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Result-based Monitoring and Evaluation Course (10 Days)

This course takes participants through among other things the M&E tools, techniques and resources needed for the effective planning, organization, and/or management of programs and projects.

Participatory M&E Course (10 Days)

This course examines PM&E concepts and principles, as well as methods, tools and techniques, which have been tested and used in the field.

Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Projects Course (5 Days)

This course takes participants through among other things the project cycle and identify the issues necessary for planning.

Mobile Data Collection for M&E using ODK and Kobo Toolbox Course (5 Days)

This course takes participants through among other things how to collect, manage and analyze project data using mobile devices. It also comes with additional M&E and GIS modules to help participants put the skills acquired into perspective.

Data management and analysis for Health Sector Programmes (5 Days)

In order to build the capacity of M&E professionals who are actively engaged in the health sector, this course will provide hands-on training in M&E systems and the application of M&E data to decision making in health programming.

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