Join The New South Sudan Jobs Board is an online jobs portal that connects local and global jobseekers with employers in South Sudan.

As in our organizational philosophy, we believe that sometimes less is more; quality is better that quantity. This is shown in our website, where we use clear, clean uncluttered web design by avoiding the use of unnecessary images or the use of complicated interfaces so as to create a simple looking and yet sophisticated ergonomic website that provides for a better user experience with lesser data usage in both mobile and desktop users.

This design of simplicity with sophistication as an organizational philosophy is especially important and targeted to our users from South Sudan where the use of smaller screen mobile phones with limited data is prevalent. is one of the only online recruitment providers able to serve South Sudan on a truly national basis by providing recruitment services that directly targets all 32 states of the nation and uses 66 job categories that is specifically suited and unique to the job market in South Sudan. also offers valuable online advertising space for employers and companies wishing to advertise with us.
As a relatively new portal, seeks to improve the livelihood and recovery of South Sudan by connecting people to jobs, as well as connecting employers to the best talent they can find. With more people employed, there comes faster recovery of the nation as income is earned and distributed as a result of being employed or having jobs.

We will embark on the intent of improving the South Sudan recruiting industry with advanced technology while using simple yet intelligent online portals. In the future we intend to create more mobile solutions like mobile money payments, SMS registration etc through our website®. We also intend to cultivate additional new products and services gradually to increase our recruitment capabilities to match increased user’s demands. is soon to be affiliated and partnered with other South Sudan centric websites like;,,, These partner sites will also help to deliver additional online products and services to South Sudan. There by cultivating a quality audience with sought-after consumer demographics for companies looking to showcase their brands or target audiences at key points of growth in South Sudan.

In 2020, plans to unveil a new strategic approach to include superior job aggregation, with a deeper expansion into the smaller business employment and careers market.

As we continue to seek strategic ways to expand our offerings to employers and jobseekers, we will take steps to ensure that we have the processes, technology and infrastructure to deliver the highest level of service and support.

We will deepen our focus on leveraging our partnership with multiple distribution channels to further extend our reach into local and national markets within South Sudan and beyond.

1 - Why we do what we do
At, after the civil war and with new prospects for peace, we work to bring jobs and careers opportunity by connecting them to an online job market, which in turn supports employers to find talent. With jobs found, we aim to enhance human lives, thriving of businesses and communities within South Sudan so as to help enable faster recovery and future development of the young nation.

2 - Who we want to be
At we want to be the leading global online talent brokerage platform connecting people to jobs in South Sudan.

3 - How we deliver that vision
We create and deliver a simple clean and easy to use online recruiting medium, using staight forward technologies and platforms for connecting jobseekers to employers; we strive every day to help our Employers to hire the best candidates as well as help pejobseekers to find the best jobs in South Sudan.

4 - Our values;
This is how we guide our decisions in our work…

1 - relentlessly and innovate.
2 - approach the world with a common sense intelligence.
3 - put Employers and Candidates first, always.
4 - foster trust, openness and integrity in all that we do.
5 - less is better than more. Simplicity over sophistication.

5 - Our Mission and Goals We seek to improve portal to provide products and services so as to offer efficient delivery to South Sudan and beyond