Job opportunities with ICRC - Various Positions

Dear colleagues,

ICRC is looking for qualified candidates for the above positions. For full details about the post and how to apply, please refer to the attached files below.Health in detention fo 1_Juba.pdf (470.8 KB) Buyer 1_Juba.pdf (774.0 KB)

Dear sir/madam,
Please if there is any procedure to be followed to apply for ICRC jobs, you let me know because i have applied many times without being shortlisted yet i met all the requirements. Call me Emmanuel Tabule


We have noted your concern about not being shortlisted on your various applications. Its sad that you have not been shortlisted in any of your applications, but that doesn’t often imply that there is something wrong with the system or organization. Please note that due to high unemployment levels in the country 1 job advert can attract up-to 1000 applications.

To ensure that there is transparency, impartiality and organizations adhere to humanitarian principles during recruitment in the humanitarian sector, the Ministry of Labour and NGO Forum have developed the NGOs Recruitment Guidelines which all organizations must adhere to when doing a recruitment.

Please see and read the commitments, asks and requirements of recruitment from organization here