IsraAid SSD is looking for Emergency Program Supervisor (GBV, CP, PSS)


Job Title: Emergency Program Supervisor (Gender-Based Violence / Child Protection / Psychosocial Support)

IsraAID is a non-profit Organization, Register in South Sudan (NGO Reg.No.35 Relief and Rehabilitation
Commission) non-governmental working in 19 countries worldwide to provide assistance to populations
affected by the conflicts, natural disasters, massive displacements and acute poverty.

IsraAID started its activities in South Sudan after the country gained independence in July 2011. Since
Then, IsraAID has been accompanying its national partners in their efforts to build effective mechanisms to
Address some of the most urgent social and protection challenges facing the population of South Sudan,
Especially Gender-Based Violence, Child Protection, and post-trauma assistance.

IsraAID, in collaboration with its national partners, is conducting protection, psychosocial support and education.
Programs in Greater Mundri, Juba, Lainya,Kajo Keji, Bor, Pibor, Yei,Torit and Terekeka in South Sudan.
IsraAID’s program objectives in South Sudan are:

  1. Building the capacity of, and empowering, national partners and service providers working with Communities affected by the conflict and displacement.
  2. Accompanying the national partners in their efforts to develop and implement sustainable programs and services that address the protection, education and health needs of the communities affected by conflict and displacement.

IsraAID is looking for an Emergency Program Supervisor to support IsraAID’s response to the current emergency in Kajo Keji (operating out of Moyo Uganda) and Lainya. Responsibilities include:

First contract timeframe; (3 months with possibility of extension).

Opening Date: 14th August, 2017.
Closing Date: 14th September, 2017.
Location Juba, South Sudan ( Kajo Keji (operating out of Moyo Uganda) and Lainya. Responsibilities include:


  1. Development of Emergency Response Strategy
    a. Strengthening the existing emergency response framework
    b. Identifying sectors of operations
    c. Identifying needs
    d. Developing response based on needs
    e. Building relationships with community representatives, national partners and service providers
    f. Building relationships with other agencies operating in similar locations in protection and other sectors of activities (especially health sector).
  2. Coordination of Training for National Partners
    a. Identifying emergency training needs (e.g. PFA, CMR, GBV, CM, MHPSS, CP etc.) together with programs director and capacity development manager/ Programs Coordinator
    b. Identifying and reviewing relevant training materials in coordination with the Capacity Development Manager/programs coordinator, and the protection advisor
    c. Facilitating training sessions when needed (in Juba, Kajo Keji, or Lainya counties).
  3. Coordination with external partners
    a. If needed the supervisor may be asked to represent IsraAID in Coordination Meetings (GBV SC, CPSC, CPWG, PC, Urban Actor, GBV WG etc.)
    b. Meeting donors and other stakeholders
    c. Strengthening funding Strategy and building partnerships to extend the emergency response to other geographical areas and/or sectors of activities
  4. Managing Program Budget
    a. The supervisor will also be responsible for managing their program budget with support from the finance department.
    b. The supervisor will all be expected to accompany national partners to ensure they are correctly using funds according to IsraAID accounting policies.
    c. The Emergency Program Supervisor will ensure prepare follow up of the finance documents from partners.
  5. Reporting
    a. Ensure weekly reporting from activities conducted (including partner activities) are reported on a weekly basis to programs director (using weekly table of activity).
    b. Providing relevant data to programs director in cooperation with other protection program managers
    c. Participating in weekly staff meeting and management meeting
    d. Assisting in drafting quarterly and biannual reports for donors and HQ.
    e. Assisting in compiling and reporting IsraAID activities to different sectors including 5Ws reporting.


The supervisor must have the following qualifications and competencies:

  1. A Master degree in social sciences, development studies, international relations, or any related sector is preferred;
  2. A least 2-3 years of experience in program design and management with proven records on project implementation;
  3. At least 3 years of experience in challenging environment (e.g. fragile states, post-conflict environment) where life and work conditions are precarious;
  4. A solid understanding of, and practical experience with program design tools (including logical framework and other management tools), M&E mechanisms, and budgeting for non-profit organizations;
  5. Knowledge and experience of GBV and Child Protection, with a solid understanding of ethical guidelines and principles; including case management/PSS
  6. Knowledge and experience of emergency context, especially GBV response in emergency settings – which include strong familiarity with the IASC guidelines for GBV/CP interventions in humanitarian settings;
  7. The Emergency Program Supervise should have knowledge of preparing project budgeting and reporting
  8. Solid proven experience in training social work – with focus on GBV and child protection;
  9. Solid proven experience in developing effective mechanisms for service delivery in challenging environments, taking into account project objectives, implementation plan and monitoring and evaluation procedures (with a particular focus on stated indicators);
  10. Ability to work independently in a very challenging environment;
  11. Demonstration of very structured organizational skills;
  12. Understanding of and commitment to the following principles: cultural sensitivity, local ownership, sustainability, inclusiveness, local partnership, non-discriminatory, do-no-harm, and apolitical approach;
  13. Knowledge and understanding of the UN system and procedures is preferred;
  14. Commitment to abide by IsraAID’s and UN’s codes of conducts and principles.

The Emergency Program Supervisor is expected to work 40 hours per week.

The candidate must be fluent in English (as been the official language both Arabic).

COMPUTER LITERACY: The candidate must be computer literate with the knowledge of MSW,MSE and
Local internet.
Interested candidate can submit their application to the office of IsraAID South Sudan at Hai Mission (Within
Sudra Main building) or through email: [email protected] not later
Than the closing date.

This post is opened to South Sudanese candidates only and women candidates are strongly
encouraged to apply in this post