Invitation to attend Stata Courses

What is Stata?
Stata is a powerful statistical software that enables users to analyze, manage, and produce graphical visualizations of data. It is primarily used by researchers in the fields of economics, biomedicine, and political science to examine data patterns. It has both a command line and graphical user interface making the use of the software more intuitive.


This course aims to give newbies and first-time users an introductory yet detailed overview of Stata’s core features and capabilities and provide its students with plenty of hands-on experience on the best practices for writing reproducible routines (using do-files), organizing data analysis projects, understanding command syntax, inputting and outputting data and managing datasets in Stata.

No matter if you are an undergraduate student who has just started using Stata, a graduate student who needs to have solid knowledge of the software’s fundamental tools and capabilities or an experienced researcher who wants to use Stata to analyze your data, this course will take you by the hand and provide you with practical exercises (and answers) to lay a solid foundation and help you become a proficient user of Stata.

Who this course is for:

  • If you have never used Stata or have little experience with the software, this course is for you. If you are acquainted with it and want deeper knowledge, this course is probably not for you, even though we provide valuable insights for users of all levels of expertise in Stata.

Data Management, Analysis, and Graphics using Stata
Location: Nairobi
Duration 4 days
Dates: 16th-09-2019 to 20th-09-2019
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Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using Stata Course
Location: Mombasa
Duration 4 days
Dates: 21th-10-2019 to 25th-10-2019
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Time Series Data Analysis and Modelling using Stata Course
Location: Nairobi
Duration 4 days
Dates: 18th-11-2019 to 22th-11-2019
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Epidemiology and Bio-statistics with Stata
Location: Nairobi
Dates: 18th-11-2019 to 29th-11-2019
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