Introduction to Humanitarian Aid Course

Introduction to Humanitarian Aid.

The work of agencies, NGOs and overseas workers takes place in emergency, reconstruction and development contexts. At times humanitarian aid is often taken for granted but it normally envisions different types of visions, priorities and activities. The visions, needs and priorities depend on the needs of the population, problems caused by the crisis as well as how the aid is conceived…

Humanitarian aid is made up of a series of tasks such as provision of basic care to affected population, providing support as well as improving the living conditions. At times the tasks might be very clear but confusion sometimes arises when individuals or institutions involved have different interests as well as priorities.

The following are the Key Thematic Areas;

  • The history of humanitarianism
  • Principles and values underpinning humanitarian action
  • The different actors in humanitarian aid and how the system works
  • Exploring localization and its place in humanitarian action
  • Rescoring crisis response
  • Towards a humanity-centered humanitarian action
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Cross cutting issues

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