Introduction to GIS Training


GIS is becoming an increasingly important tool in environmental management, retail, military, police, tourism and many other spheres of our daily lives. If you use a computer or a cell phone, you have probably already used a GIS in some form without even realising it. Maybe it was a map on a web site, Google Earth, an information booth or your cell phone telling you where you are. Proprietary GIS software (software that cannot be freely shared or modified) is available that will let you do everything we describe in these worksheets and a lot more. However this software is usually very expensive or otherwise limits your freedom to copy, share and modify the software. GIS vendors sometimes make an exception for educational activities, providing cheaper or free copies of their software.


Individuals who are new to GIS (no prior GIS education or workplace experience with GIS)


• Use online resources to quickly create a GIS map.
• Describe two common data models used to represent real-world objects and phenomena in a GIS.
• Evaluate geographic data for use in a GIS mapping project.
• Explore a GIS map and access information about map features.
• Visually analyze feature relationships and patterns on a GIS map.
• Create queries to find and select features that meet specific criteria.
• Prepare a GIS map to share information and present analysis results.


What is GIS?
• How a GIS works
• What can you do with a GIS?
• Discover, use, make, share
• Introducing an online GIS
• Using a GIS
• Defining GIS

What is GIS data?
• Vector geometries
• Vector information
• Raster basics
• Data storage
• Metadata
• Which data to use?
• Choosing data models

Navigating a GIS map
• Layers
• Scale
• Moving around a map
• Data and layout view
• Moving around a map layout

Finding information
• Info tools and attributes
• Attribute query basics
• Location query basics
• Creating queries
• Querying maps

The Training Event fee is USD $1050, this caters for facilitation, refreshments and lunch for the entire training period. Accommodation can be arranged on request at an extra cost.
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