Introducing Institute of Social Policy and Research

About Us
Institute of Social Policy and Research (ISPR) is a registered non-governmental and not for profit public policy research centre founded to undertake social, economic and governance policy research, and offer tailored courses and management consultancy for civil society groups, and the public and private sector.

We bridge the policy research gaps in South Sudan and the region and offer expert analysis on public policies, legislation and capacity development mechanisms that assist to build strong institutions. ISPR also implements governance activities aimed at creating a platform for the government, the private sector, and the civil society to work together to fast-track policy development that respond to the needs of the South Sudanese people.

Our Programs

  1. Policy Research
    This is the core mandate and function of ISPR. Our work is to bridge the research gap for private, civil society and government through producing quality and objective research work to aid policy development, implementation and evaluation

  2. Management of Conferences, Seminars and Symposiums
    ISPR offers expert conference management services to local government, CSOs and development partners. This include pre-conference planning, facilitation and reporting.

  3. Organisational Capacity Development
    Focusing on Civil Society Organisations and Local Governments. Our trainings focus on M&E, Project Cycle Management, Strategic Planning, NGO Board Governance and Financial Management.

  4. Management Consultancy
    Project evaluations, baseline surveys, M&E system development, strategic planning and internal policy development for CSOs.

  5. Governance

  • Youth Voice for Peace, strengthening young people participation in peace and governance processes. Educations services including career guidance for youth in institutions of higher learning.

  • Platform for Civic Engagement - This is an online social media activity aimed at reducing hate speech and making positive use of social media through moderation, counselling and periodic research among various stakeholders.

  • Leadership Engagement Forum - This aims to build relationship between citizens and their leaders from community to national level. Evidence suggest, the breakdown in trust between government and communities has largely been due to lack of engagement, participation on civic activities and absence of government at local level.

Contact us:
C/O South Sudan Law Society Building, Tombura Road Atlabara C Area, Juba
E-Mail: [email protected] Tel: +211 916 726 780