Integrating ICT in Monitoring and Evaluation.

10-Days Hands-on Training on ICT for Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) |29th June -03rd July 2020|

Have you always wanted to learn how to incorporate ICT and technological innovations into your routine monitoring and evaluation ?

Profound Research and Consulting Limited takes this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming training on ICT for Monitoring and Evaluation.

Course Preview

A number of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been developed to address these needs such as social media analytics tools, mapping and data visualization software, mobile data collection systems and more. Understanding the tools and best practices available for gathering information, applying it to your project challenges, and assessing the results is necessary for project success.

The training shall purpose on building skills and strategies for better data collection, management, analysis and visualization using a variety of tech tools.

Target Group

  • M&E practitioners, software developers, and data scientists

Course Objectives

By the end of the training, the participants should be able to:

  • Design dynamic and effective strategies for using tools and platforms improve monitoring and evaluation efforts.

  • Design, manage and implement mobile data collection tools for monitoring and evaluation.

  • Develop critical self-confidence for working with technology to address monitoring and evaluation challenges.

Course Content

Module I: Introduction to ICT for M&E

  • Overview of aspects of M&E and associated types of technology

  • Big Data and how it related to M&E

  • Overview of big data analytics

  • Data Responsibility

  • Open Data

  • Open Source data portal software

  • Case study of Open Data Portals in Africa (Open Kenya, open AFRICA)

  • Case study of the World Bank Open Data Portal (The World Bank: Data)

Module II: Data Collection for M&E

  • Mobile data collection

  • Social media analytics

  • Web surveys

  • SMS data collection

  • Remote Sensors

  • “Mixed Methods Approach”: collection methods for qualitative and quantitative data

  • Data Storage: Excel and relational database

  • Mobile data collection with Open Data Kit (ODK and Kobo Tool Box)

  • Aggregating data from social media

Module III: Evaluation – Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Data Visualization

  • Mapping

  • Dashboards

  • Using Web visualization tools

  • Web Mapping of M&E indicators

Module IV: Integrating Technology-Enabled M&E

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Real-time M&E

  • M&E databases

  • Impact Evaluation

  • Satellite Imaging

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Fee Information

10-Days (Hands-on) workshop is KES 140,000 Excl. 14 % VAT

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Contact Information

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