Human Resource and Organizational Development August 22nd-26th,2016


Successful organizations understand the need to maximize all of their resources—physical, financial, information and human. When employees perform better, companies perform better. Human Resource Development (HRD) professionals help organizations maximize their human capital through training and organizational development initiatives.
Human Resource Development is focused on developing professionals who assess, design, develop and evaluate workforce training and development for global organizations. Our delegates are current leaders in workforce training, career management, and organizational development professions that help organizations leverage intellectual capital toward performance.
Our interdisciplinary curriculum integrates knowledge from learning and organizational theory, and allows delegates to specialize in related areas of governments, Non-governmental organisations, global business, retailing, and technology.
Professionals are prepared to work in a wide range of industries including energy, transportation, healthcare, retail, and education. Representative Job titles include training specialist, training manager, instructional designer, human resources manager, organizational development manager, training facilitator, and human resource development consultant.


  1.  Human Resources Development Approaches
  2. Learning and HRD
  3. Organization-Wide Learning Issues
  4. Assessment of HRD Needs
  5. Designing and Implementing Effective Training
  6. Evaluating Training Programs
  7. Employee Socialization and Orientation
  8. Performance Management and Coaching
  9. Employee Counseling Services
  10. Career Management and Development
  11. Management Education and Development
  12. Organization Development and Change
  13. Job requirements
  14. Human resources planning and recruitment
  15. Selection
  16. Career development
  17. Appraising and improving performance
  18. Safety and health
  19. The dynamics of labor relations
  20. Legal and Ethical Issues and Practices Related to Human Resources

Fee information:
The tuition fee is US D 1,190 Exclusive VAT. The rate caters for; • Six hours training every day • Training materials on soft/hard • Certificate • Meals at 10Am, Lunch, 4Pm, Airport Transfer,Tour the National park.

Kindly,apply through the online application form at… or drop us mail at [email protected]