Help e.V-Invitation to Tender- SSD 19-18-03-2019-106

(Mohammad Qassem) #1

Before submitting your offer, please download all the attached documents & forms then fill,sign and stamp them all. Uncompleted, not signed or not stamped documents will result in rejecting the offer.

BOQ-Animal trough.pdf (178.3 KB)
Animal trough- Preferbricated.pdf (180.7 KB)
BoQ-BHs.pdf (291.0 KB)
Inviitaiton National Open Tender-SSD 19-18-03-2019-106.pdf (526.9 KB)
WORKS_HELP-General Terms & Conditions_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (430.4 KB)
GEN_2-3_Declaration_for_Tenderers__Candidates_and_Suppliers_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (274.0 KB)
GEN_2-2_CoC_for_Contractors_V_1.1_Oct_2016.pdf (342.3 KB)