Great Lakes Academy Secondary School

Western Lakes State_Rumbek
premises: Ager Gum Primary School
Tell: +211927623336/+211925000225
Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

  1. Introduction:
    Great Lake Academy Secondary School, a truly English medium secondary school, was established in 2017 under the license of Great Lakes Academy Limited as its subsidiary. It is a private school allocated in the heart of Rumbek town to which it is accessed by many students of different social background. GLASS is fully recognized by the ministry of Education, Western Lakes State. It has so far graduated 116 students; academic year 2017/2018 and now enrolled more than 300 Students of which 30% of enrollees are Candidate who are due to sit for South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education later this year.

  2. Vision:
    The vision of the Great Lakes Academy Limited is to invest in education and committed to open life-changing opportunities to young people and general public through provision of quality education in a most affordable and reliable cost.

  3. Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to bring good quality education closer to the community at a cost-effective scheme.

  4. core Values
    Great Lakes Academy Secondary School is founded on the core universal values that governing the private schools in South Sudan and set to achieve the following goals:
    • Excellence in well-rounded education
    • Focus on quality and relevance
    • Educational accessibility to poor students
    • Excellent learning and teaching environment
    • Quest for excellent

More about GLASS will be obtained from its Standard Operating Procedures document.

The Administration of GLASS is asking the general public, particularly those who are in Western Lakes State to register their children simply because it being the best and affordable private school in the area.

For any Inquiry regarding school fee/general Administration, don’t hesitate to contact any of following Staff of GLASS

  1. Santo Madit Aru: Headteacher: 0924173107
  2. Anyuonic Marial Anyuonic (John Cat) Deputy Headteacher: 0927623336
  3. Mahok Malual Mahok: School Bursar: 0922445577
  4. John Sawat Makuac (John Two) DOS; 0921812452