GIS and Remote Sensing in Mining and Exploration Course 02nd – 06th March 2020

GIS and Remote Sensing in Mining and Exploration Course 02nd – 06th March 2020

This course mainly reviews different uses of GIS and Remote sensing in the mining and geology industry.

5 Days

• To introduce participants to different components of GIS and the role GIS plays in mining and geology.
• To expose participants to data capture, input, manipulation and display by GIS
• To explain to the participants role of GIS as a tool for spatial planning
• To demonstrate to participants use of Remote sensing in mineral exploration.
• To develop sound basis of understanding through case studies

Module 1
• Introduction and definitions of key concepts
• Introduction to GIS and Remote sensing in mining and geology context
• Introduction to GIS software
• Planning for a GIS system installation
• Working with a GIS software
• Introduction to GPS
• GPS data collection
• GPS data download

Module 2
• GIS Data management
• Data sources in GIS for Mining and geology
• Data Acquisition
• Working with a GIS software
• Gathering data using mobile phones
• Working with data from different sources
• Geological database creation
• Integrating GPS data into GIS

Module 3
• Mapping
• Mineral Predictive Mapping
• Mineral site mapping
• Map updating for mineral exploration
• Mineral mapping to identify potential mineral zones

Module 4
• Remote sensing applications in mining and geology
• Remote Sensing Product Development
• Remote sensing applied to mineral exploration
• Creation of prospective basis and data management of mineral exploration

Module 5
• Diagnosis, planning, analysis and assessment
• Geological data diagnosis, validation and organisation
• Planning, processing and analysis of geochemical data
• Mine planning support, environmental management and hydro-geological analysis
• Mine operation drainage planning
• Geotechnical risk analysis support
• Site suitability analysis
• Mining Public Needs Assessment
• GIS and Remote sensing for mining activity evaluation
• Product Evaluation
• Participatory GIS

Module 6
• Satellite Imagery and Classification
• Image interpretation
• Classification-supervised and unsupervised
• Change detection
• 3D terrain visualization
• Slope aspect analysiS
• Case studies of GIS and Remote sensing in Mining and geology

The 5 day course costs 1,000$, The Cost includes all training fees, materials, lunch and refreshments as well as certificates and 6 month post-training support.

From a group of five (5) delegates, you can now organize the Class at your convenient time and venue at a discounted group rate.

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