General Supplies and IT Solutions

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This is Belavista IT Solutions and Trading LTD based in Juba, Republic of South Sudan. Belavista IT Solutions and Trading LTD is a private company incorporated under the South Sudan companies Act 2012 and is fully registered by the Republic of South Sudan Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs with registration No. 28,953.

About Us
This company is registered and incorporated under South Sudan Company Act 2012 to carry out IT Supplies and Solutions, Food, Non-Food and Stationary Logistical Supplies.

Our mission is to provide quality IT Solutions and General Supplies for Government Institutes, General Public, NGOs, UN Agencies, and Private Companies in the new Republic of South Sudan by applying cutting-edge technologies that are environmentally and ergonomically insensitive.

Our Vision is to be leading firm in IT Solutions and General Supplies in the Republic of South Sudan.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment is to provide our clients with high efficiency and personalized services to meet their unique expectation. Moreover we aim to remain client-focused in order that the client derive maximum satisfaction from our services and supplies at all times. Every size of the work being small or big can be handled by the company.

Eng. Erdi Tesfamichael Gebrekidan
Lecturer of College of Computer Science and Information Technology
Belavista IT Solutions and Trading LTD
IT Department
+211 921 655 111
+211 916 038 644
[email protected]

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