FRONTLINE CONSULTANCY-Training Workshop on Project Cycle Management System

Frontline consultancy is an international development consultancy currently operating in South Sudan.

Our Major objective is to provide our clients with the highest quality of information delivered with originality, creativity and innovation to solving the most challenging dilemmas of humankind

Our key consultants are experienced practitioners drawn from renowned humanitarian development agencies around the world.

We offer a variety of services including;

  1. Project Cycle Management System (PCMS)
  2. Facilitating Workshops and Conferences 


  1. Report Writing
  2. Business Management
  3. Public Administration and Management

We have organized a workshop at Pyramid Hotel Scheduled for three days from 18th/08/2021 to 20th/08/2021.

This workshop will enable participants to;

• Develop a Practical Project Idea and Write a Comprehensive Project Proposal

• Understand what type of Donors will be interested in their Project and how to approach them Professionally.

• Learn how Proposal Evaluators read proposals and how to address donors’ requirement and expectations.

• Define the Strategies and appropriate methodology for the development of their grant proposal and apply the suitable proposal style.

Attached is the days’ program, of this workshop and the legal mandate of Frontline Consultancy Ltd to conduct such trainings.

Cost is $300 (Three Hundred US Dollars) only per participant.

This cost shall cover the following;

  1. Feeding expenses for the 3 days during the workshop
  2. A certificate of attendance given at the end of the workshop
  3. 2 months follow up in the topics discussed in the workshop will be Free

How to register click on the link below:

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Or visit Our Offices at Thongpiny, Block 3, Business Center, Office 06 or, send us an email: [email protected]

Payment is open until 13th /August/2021