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Africa Centre for Project Knowledge & Techniques (ACPKT) is a Training Centre, Knowledge Hub and Techniques Resource Portal in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation and Proposal Writing and other diverse areas for individuals and organization in development and humanitarian sectors in pursuit for excellence and success in all kinds of projects endeavors. The Training Institute runs training programs in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone and trains over 6000 development and humanitarian professionals in the last 15 years.

We have trained many development and humanitarian staff from diverse international and local NGOs such as Doctors with Africa CUAMM, European Union National Authorizing Office (NAO) Support Unit (SU), Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development - Uganda, Compassion International, French Embassy Kenya for Humanitarian Projects, Arche Nova International, Biovision Africa Trust, CARE International, Forum Syd, HIVOS, LAGA Cameroon, MEDAIR and Action Aid.

About the Free Webinar:

Today’s donors’ projects are increasingly complex due to time and budget constraints. However, they must demonstrate results to donors and project stakeholders even in time and budget constraints. The Demystifying Frameworks in Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation Free Webinar has been designed to demonstrate that a well thought out Monitoring and Evaluation framework can assist greatly with thinking through project or program strategies, objectives and planned activities and whether they are indeed the most appropriate ones to implement. This course will also elaborate on why it is important to develop the frameworks before project or program activities are implemented as well as determining which type of framework is appropriate for use for every project or program. There are different types of frameworks used by organizations and donors. Some donors choose to combine aspects in the different types of frameworks in a customized approach. The course will therefore emphasize what type of framework best suits their project or program and the ones that corresponds to convectional multiple donor requirements.

Training Course Objectives:

  • To demystify the concept of the framework as used in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • To demystify the relationships among inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • To explain the different types of frameworks as used in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • To expound on the Theory of Change as significant framework for Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • To explain the significance of developing sound Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks in Results-Based Monitoring & Evaluation.

Who Should Participate?

Monitoring and Evaluation Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, Technical Advisors, Program Managers, Project Managers, Program Officers, Project Officers and other professionals who are involved in the Monitoring and Evaluation activities will benefit from this course.

Mode of Delivery:

Online via Zoom Cloud Meetings (Zoom link will be sent to those who register via link below)


Wednesday, 15th March, 2023 from 2pm to 4pm East Africa Time, or EAT (The time zone is three hours ahead of UTC (UTC+03:00)).


2 Hours


Free of Charge.


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