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5-Days Hands-on Virtual Training on Mobile Data Collection and Analysis Using KoboToolBox |6th July -10th July 2020 |

Warm Greetings,

Have you always wanted to transform your data collection from paper to digital formats?

Profound Research and Consulting Limited takes this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming training on Mobile Data Collection and Analysis Using KoboToolBox.

Course Preview

Mobile data collection involves gathering of data with the help of a mobile device such as mobile phone, tablet, among others. This approach has been proven to increase the speed and accuracy of data collection, service delivery effectiveness, and program staff performance. KoboToolBox offers a one-stop platform for questionnaire design, deployment, data collection and submission, data analysis and multiple data download formats download. Implement skip logics and validation criteria for improved accuracy and integrity of the collected data.

Target Group

Open to any individual interested in digitizing their data collection process.

Course Objectives

  • To enable the individual to create X-forms compliant questionnaire using three different applications which will include skip logic, graphical questions, and cascading select question types, single and multiple selections, calculations, multiple languages, media, and geo-location input.
  • To enable participants to install and manage a central server on the Windows platform for data aggregation /use one of the free online storage services (KoBoToolbox).
  • To enable the participant(s) to learn how to set the various parameters of the Android application for optimal usage.

Course Objectives

By the end of the training, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of KoBoToolbox.
  • Utilize each of the tools of the KoBoToolbox set of applications.
  • Digitize a questionnaire form using different applications.
  • Manage the aggregate central server in terms of users, rights, form uploads/downloads, filters, and exports.
  • Read and modify and/or debug a form in its XML format.
  • Download, use, and modify the parameters of Kobo Collect for optimal use.
  • Incorporate advanced form features such as picture questions, cascading, repeat groups, multilingualism, calculated variables, photo and sound variables, and graphic annotation.
  • Geotag forms for visualizing them over desktop and online maps.

Course Content

XForm Building

  • Design forms quickly and easily using KoboToolBox intuitive form builder
  • Reuse existing questions and blocks of questions and manage them in the question library
  • Build complex forms with skip logic and validation
  • Incorporate rich data collection question types available including geolocation, image, video, rating, matrix, audio, range among others.
  • Project sharing and creating granular permission levels
  • Importing and exporting XLSForms via URL or upload from the PC

Data Collection

  • Online and Offline Data Collection on phones, tablets or any browser Using Kobo Collect on Android devices and Enketo on any modern browser
  • Synchronizing data via SSL

Data Management and Analysis

  • Creating summary reports with graphs and tables and fine-tuning the report’s charts, colours and questions
  • Visualizing collected data on a map including heatmaps and clustering
  • Disaggregating data in reports and maps such by gender, region or educational level
  • Exporting data in Supported formats such as Excel, CSV, KML, ZIP (for media) and SPSS
  • Accessing data through Kobo API

Spatial Data Analysis using Quantum GIS(QGIS)

  • Data Visualization in QGIS
  • Proximity Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Cartographic map production

Statistical Data Analysis Using SPSS

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression Analysis
  • Non-parametric tests
  • Missing Value Analysis


The instructor virtual-led training will be delivered using a combined learning approach and comprises of zoom conference meetings ,PowerPoint presentations, practical sessions and online tutorials.

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