Food Security Analysis Course

FineResults Research Services invites you to a training on:
Topic: Food Security Analysis Course
Date: 24th to 28th August 2020
Cost: USD 800 or Ksh. 65,000
Contacts: +254 759 285 295 or [email protected].

Strengthening of the agri-food systems is key in achievement of solutions to the current challenges of food insecurity in developing countries. Improving food security situation requires a multi-faceted approach including looking at alternative strategies and technologies to sustainable agricultural food production. This 5 day training course targets researchers, policy makers and people working in the area of food and nutrition security. The course is designed to provide insights on how to strengthen the agri-food systems towards no poverty and zero hunger as envisioned in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) one and two, respectively.
Who can attend
• Researchers and data handling professionals in the agriculture and planning sector.
• Food nutritionists and organizations in this field…
• Project managers dealing with governments or NGOs.
• Curious and Interested persons.
Training Focus
• Introduction to food security
• Approaches of food security analysis
• Assessment of Food Security
• Tools of Food Security Analysis
• Introduction to GIS and R.S concepts in the context of food security.
• Geospatial analysis for agriculture and food security
• Assessment using GIS and RS
• Food Security Data Collection and Analysis
• Gender integration in Food Security
• Food Security Monitoring and Evaluation

       By the end of the training, participants will be able to: 
• Legislating for the right to adequate food 
• Nutrition and sustainable food systems for healthy diets 
• Gender and social policies 
• Access to and control of productive resources 
• Responsible investments in agriculture and food systems 
• Budgeting to achieve zero hunger and partnering for resource mobilization 
• Adoption of food security supporting new agricultural technologies such as construction of water pans, green houses farming, drip kit irrigations, multi-story gardening, kitchen gardens, moist beds, roof top farming, hanging gardens, management of solid waste through composting, small livestock and fish ponds. 

NB: We are offering you a half day, fun and interactive team building event!
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