Film For Development Courses at MSTCDC, Arusha- Tanzania.

Course duration

2 Weeks

When is the Course

11th to 22 March 2019

24th June to 5th July 2019

16th to 27th September 2019

Course Objectives

Film For Development is a development tool for campaigning and raising awareness for social change. The course will support communication experts, campaigners, human right advocates, journalists and filmmakers to research, document and distribute impact production using audio visual.

Course Content

  • Ideation

  • Research

  • Scripting/Writing

  • Style of presentation

  • Knowing your target group

  • Screening

  • Film format

  • Producing

  • Distribution

Learning Outcome:

  • Participants will learn how to gather fact based audio visual content that will support advocacy work or creating awareness.

  • Communications experts will be able to create a professional and quality video report to attract better attention both on/offline using smart phones and other gadgets.

  • Human rights defenders/journalists reporting on human right abuses/cases will be equipped with new ways of documentation, storage and security.

  • Participants will have credible mediums to distribute their content and amplify different causes.

  • Shoot a 5 mins short film on a common campaign.

Target Group

The course is designed for communications experts,officers, campaigners, human rights defenders, journalists, videographers and activists.

Fee for the Course

Tuition Fee $700
Full board in a single room(meals & Accommodation) $471 per week
Full board in a shared room(meals & Accommodation) US$339 per week
Hostel Quad plus Meal per week US$87 per week

How to Register

For registrations click:
Contact the Course administrator:[email protected]