Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management 10/07/2018-10/03/2019

Intex Management Institute offers Online and Distance Learning Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Course Overview
The guiding principles of public procurement are based on the concept of stewardship. The term ‘stewardship’ generally refers to the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. Moreover managing customer and vendor relationships is a critical aspect of managing supply chains. In many cases, the collaborative relationship concept has been considered the essence of supply chain management. However, a closer examination of supply chain relationships, particularly those involving product flows, reveals that the heart of these relationships is inventory movement and storage. Much of the activity involved in managing relationships is based on the purchase, transfer, or management of inventory. As such, inventory plays a critical role in supply chains because it is a salient focus of supply chains.
This diploma manual will equip learners with necessary concepts I mastering the skills needed to effectively understand and be able to run the process of procurement and supply chain management in their respective organizations.
Course objectives
After going through the course learners will be able to:-
• Describe the principles of effective procurement, the procurement process, and the role of procurement strategy
• Understand the activities associated with effective procurement projects
• Conduct procurement planning and stakeholder management
• Effectively manage the supply chain
• Understand logistics management
• Differentiate and master concepts in procurement and supply chain management

Module 1: Introduction to Logistics Management
a) Concepts of logistics and distribution
b) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
c) Logistics and Distribution Management
d) Customer service and logistics
e) Integrated logistics and Supply Chain Management
f) Channels of distribution
g) Key issues and challenges for logistics
h) Planning for logistics
i) Manufacturing and materials management
j) Procurement and inventory decisions
k) Purchasing and supply
l) Warehousing and Storage
Module 2: Logistics and Supply chain management part 2
a) Logistics Organization Design and Development
b) Logistics and Supply Chain Information Systems
c) International logistics: modal choice
d) Warehouse Operations
e) Transportation and Distribution Management
f) Supply Management
g) Inventory Planning and Management
h) Customer Response Principles and Systems

Module 3: Operations and Supply Chain Management
a) Operations and Supply Strategy
b) Project Management
c) Material Requirements Planning
d) Capacity Management
e) Total Quality Management
f) Purchasing
g) Inventory Fundamentals
h) Order Quantities
i) Just-in-Time Manufacturing and Lean Production
Module 4:
a) Introduction to Procurement
b) Role of Purchasing Function
c) Inventory Management
d) Strategic role in Material management
e) Product Management
f) Maritime Transport
g) Air transport
h) Road freight transport: planning and resourcing
i) Cost and performance monitoring
j) Bench marking
k) Outsourcing Management
l) Information and communication technology in the supply chain
m) Security and safety in distribution

Diploma in Procurement & Supply Chain Management:
Course Fees: 750USD

Course Duration: 8Months-32 Weeks

Registration Deadline: 09/07/2018

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