Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation of Nutrition and Food Security Projects

Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation of Nutrition and Food Security Projects.

Start Date : 5th April 2020.

Cost : USD 800.

To achieve a world a world free of hunger as well as malnutrition, it is important to provide sustainable solutions that provide the largest impacts on development outcomes. Monitoring and evaluation tools, as well as techniques are very vital in ensuring Food Security programmes are designed, implemented as plan and that they improve the well-being of the target community.The absence of sound M&E processes in large numbers of nutrition and food security projects, despite continued evidence of their value in assessing and improving project performance, suggests that many project planners and managers may not yet have the necessary skills or understanding to develop and operate such systems…

Course Objectives

By the end of this semester students will

  • Be familiar with the strategies and techniques for monitoring and evaluating projects, particularly those related to nutrition and food security;
  • Be exposed to multiple international and some domestic examples of monitoring and evaluation systems, both large and small;
  • Have experience in the design of monitoring and evaluation plans; and
  • Be able to assess the adequacy of proposals and program evaluations designed by other.

Course content


1 Introduction to M&E

  • Introduction to M&E
  • Significance of M&E
  • Principles and concepts in M&E

Module 2; Food Security and Nutrition M&E Frameworks

  • Food security and nutrition conceptual frameworks
  • Food security and nutrition results frameworks
  • Logical framework analysis
  • Food security and nutrition projects design using log frames.

Module 3; Food Security and Nutrition Indicators

  • Food Security and nutrition indicators
  • Indicator metrics
  • Link between indicators and results
  • Indicator matrix

Module 4 M&E Considerations for Sector Specific Programming.

  • Food Availability
  • Food access
  • Food utilization
  • Stability
  • Market information

Module 5 Data Analysis

  • Data cleaning
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Quantitative data analysis
  • Data interpretation reporting

Module 6; Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition Programs

  • Determining evaluation points from results framework
  • Components of evaluations, implementation and process evaluations
  • Evaluation designs
  • Performance evaluation process
  • Evaluation findings, sharing and dissemination


Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after successful completion of the course


DATES: Six Months Course
ORGANIZERS: Africa Center for Project Management (ACPM)
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Distance Learning facilitated.


The Academics Manager
Africa Center for Project Management
Email: [[email protected]]