Diploma in Financial Management Online Course 9th January to 9th September 2019

Intex Management Institute offers Online and Distance Learning Diploma Course in Financial Management:

Start Date: 9th January 2019

Course End Date: 9th September 2019

Registration Deadline: 8th January 2019

Course overview
Companies do not work in a vacuum, isolated from everything else. It interacts and transacts with the other entities present in the economic environment. These entities include Government, Suppliers, Lenders, Banks, Customers, Shareholders, etc. who deal with the organization in several ways. Most of these dealings result in either money flowing in or flowing out from the company. This flow of money (or funds) has to be managed so as to result in maximum gains to the company.
Managing this flow of funds efficiently is the purview of finance. So we can define finance as the study of the methods which help us plan, raise and use funds in an efficient manner to achieve corporate objectives.
The successful financial manager of tomorrow will need to supplement the traditional metrics of performance with new methods that encourage a greater role for uncertainty and multiple assumptions. These new methods will seek to value the flexibility inherent in initiatives – that is, the way in which taking one step offers you the option to stop or continue down one or more paths. This Diploma Course in Financial Management will not only equip students how to be prudent financial managers but also on how to deal with tomorrow’s challenges in the field of Financial Management
Course Objectives
After completing the material in this Diploma Manual, you will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning and nature of accounting.
  • Differentiate between various types of accounting.
  • Explain the importance of accounting
  • Evaluate various capital investment alternatives.
  • Calculate and interpret net present value (NPV).
  • Calculate and interpret internal rate of return (IRR).
  • Define working capital.
  • Understand working capital management strategies.
  • Construct a cash budget.
  • Manage receivables and payables
  • Analyze the financial statements of health care organizations using horizontal analysis, vertical (common-size) analysis, and ratio analysis.
  • Calculate and interpret liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, activity ratios, and capital structure ratios

Module one
a) Introduction to Accounting
b) Accounting Concepts and Conventions
c) Recording Of Transactions- Voucher System, Accounting Process, Journal
d) Ledger Posting and Trial Balance
e) Subsidiary Books of Accounts
f) Preparation of Profit And Loss Account and Balance Sheet
g) Rectification of Errors
h) Accounting of Negotiable Instruments
i) Reconciliation of Bank Accounts
j) Single Entry System
k) Accounting for Depreciation

Module Two
a) Introduction to Financial Management
b) Cost of Capital
c) Operating and Financial Leverage
d) Capital Budgeting
e) Capital Budgeting Evaluation Techniques
f) Capital Budgeting under Risk and Uncertainties
g) Working Capital Management
h) Cash Management and Marketable Securities
i) Management of Receivables
j) Inventory Management
k) Regulation of Bank Finance

Module Three
a) Capital Structure Theories
b) Dividend Decisions
c) Working Capital Financing
d) Making Investment Decisions
e) Capital Budgeting Evaluation Techniques
f) Capital Budgeting and Risk
g) Analyzing the Lease versus Borrow-to-Buy Problem
h) Mergers and other forms of Corporate restructuring
i) International financial management

Module Four
a) Ratio analysis
b) Reporting corporate performance
c) Reporting cash flows
d) Functions of management accounting
e) Classification of costs
f) Product costs: materials, labour and overheads
g) Break-even analysis and short-term decision making
h) Preparing a budget
i) Standard costs
j) Performance evaluation and feedback reporting

Course Organizers

Intex Management Institute was registered in 1983. We have been offering a wide range of Human Resource Management training programs both online and open workshops, building capacity to enhance effective service delivery for NGOs, CBOs, Public and Private sector.

Currently we are training participants from various organizations such as UNDP – Burundi, World Food Programme – Zimbabwe, Red Cross – South Sudan, State Ministry of Education – South Sudan, MEDAIR – South Sudan, Norwegian Refugee – Liberia, Zenab for Women Development - Sudan, Action AID, Word Health Organization, AMREF, USAID, National AIDs Control Council, International Committee of the Red Cross,CRS South Sudan, Action Africa Help International among others.

Financial Management Online Diploma:

Course Duration: 8 Months

Course Fees : 750 USD

Contacts : [email protected]

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Diploma Course in Financial Management