Data Analysis Certificate Course - (DISCOUNTED OFFER - USD 300)


Start date: 1st October 2019.

Capacity Africa Institute is pleased to announces a Certificate Course in Data Analysis Online / Distance Learning Certificate Course.

About the Course

This course is intended for developmental staff interested in learning the most effective data analysis methods to solve problems and achieve insight. This course will focus on how to plan, carry out, and communicate analyses of real data sets.
This course introduces statistical techniques such as summarizing and presenting data, estimation, probabilities and probability distributions, confidence intervals, correlation and regression models and hypothesis testing. This course places special emphases on the understanding of key concepts and statistical thinking, calculations and interpretation of results…

Course Format

The course will consist of interactive online lectures using Skype, Google+ or Webinars. The lectures will begin with theory introduction and its real world application followed by practical session on SPSS. Students are encouraged to share their data sets for use during the practicals however; the facilitator will share course data set and lecture slides in advance.
There is no assigned timeline for the sessions as this will be agreed between the student and the facilitator. The student can also opt to watch recoded video’s once they become available of select specific topics/sessions…
Learning Outcomes:

  1. Present different types of data in an appropriate manner.
  2. Perform statistical analysis.
  3. Present findings of data analysis in a research proposal.
  4. Identify areas/issues/situations where statistical analysis would be beneficial.
  5. Collect, analyse and interpret data relevant to their decision-making.
  6. Identify and interpret trends.
  7. Use SPSS to calculate statistical measures and interpret SPSS outputs.
  8. Understand how to apply relevant statistical techniques to solve the underlying problems/issues.
  9. Report on statistical findings

I. Pre-requisite
• Research/Evaluation Design
• Data Collection Methods
• Introduction to SPSS
II. Beginner
• Introduction to Data Analysis
• Types of Data
• Data Measurements
• Descriptive Statistics
o Proportions, Rates, Ratio’s, Percentages
o Central Location,
o Dispersion,
o Shape of Distribution
• Display of data
o frequency tables,
o charts and
o graphs
III. Intermediate
• Introduction to probability
• Hypothesis Testing 1: Significance Testing (P-value) and Point Estimates (CI)
• Sampling and Sampling errors
• Probability Distribution (Binomial/Poisson)
• Cross-tabulation and Correlation
IV. Advance
• Hypothesis Testing 2: Simple Regression
• Hypothesis testing for Multiple regression model
• Survival analysis
o Life tables
o Kaplan-Meier
o Cox Regression
V. Communication results
• Critical Issues to note on data analysis during report writing
• Policy Implications
Training Format:
• All materials are made available through Online or Distance Learning
• Approximately 5-6 hours time commitment of your time per week
• Weekly feedback from committed instructors
• Participants are expected to submit weekly assignments electronically to
earn certificate of completion

Computing Requirements:

Participants will need to use email, upload and download word docs, PowerPoint files and PDFs, and post on the discussion board or send assignments by email. If you do not have internet speed sufficient to download materials, an offline DVD or hard copies course may be the right alternative for you. Materials Provided: Online delivery of curriculum materials, exercises and templates.


After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own Learning by completing some relevant exercises and tasks .
In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, Students will be required to submit Four assignments.

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 8 Weeks - 5 to 6 hours per week
PARTICIPANTS: Development Professionals
ORGANIZERS: Capacity Africa Institute
LANGUAGE: English only
FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated
GENERAL COURSE CONTACT: [email protected]

Kindly confirm your participation with:

Online Training Coordinator
Capacity Africa Institute
[email protected]