DAI-RASS County Managers (3) Jur River, Baliet, and Duk

USAID’s four-year (2021-2025) Resilience through Agriculture in South Sudan (RASS) Activity aims to improve food security and community household recovery and resilience in 13 counties, targeting approximately 20,000 beneficiaries, to reduce long term reliance on humanitarian assistance. RASS employs a resilience pathways approach that entails implementing interventions iteratively and modifying them as circumstances change to ensure that households and communities have increased social cohesion, stronger local structures and capacity, and productive and sustainable diverse livelihoods to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks and stressors, working to graduate them from high to low Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) levels. This approach is intended to improve the effectiveness of local systems and strengthen the capacities of community groups to achieve gender-responsive and diversified market-sensitive production; facilitate increased production of diverse nutritious foods by strengthening productivity, thereby reducing food loss and improving nutrition behaviors; and strengthen and expand household and community opportunities for sustainable, locally driven livelihoods, with the goal of reducing dependency on emergency humanitarian assistance in the transition to inclusive development assistance and economic growth.
County Managers-(3) Jur River, Baliet, and Duk counties .pdf (2.4 MB)