Customized Web Design and Hosting and ICT Support

Hello all,
Alela Technologies is a South Sudanese owned company. The work “Alela” is an Arabic word meaning “Today or recent or current” therefore we are referring to Current technologies.
We do capacity building for local initiatives by building them websites, we offer ICT training to NGOs, we develop customized websites. our dream is to get the latest technological innovations and make our community aware. We strive for a self-sustainable civil society and individuals.

We offer several web design packages for all stakeholders. We register domains from our own portal.

As we play catch we are focusing on giving you a world class online exposure by designing a website and providing your organization with ICT skills that will ensure your employees stand out from other organizations.

We are customer oriented and innovative moving with the current and latest trends and development in the ICT industry.

  1. Domains

We register your domain here in South Sudan. Check your domain on our website here

  1. Hosting
    We offer you the best reliable and fast hosting plans.

  2. Web Security
    We make sure your customers trust you. All you need is the security of your website and the content.

  3. Online Marketing
    We say the future is online. All your services and products need the online presence as.

You pay a one-time fee to build your site, a small monthly hosting fee and plus 1-Month free after sales training.

Please get in touch with us and we will be glad to serve you.

Send us email to [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
Tel: MTN: +211 926 287 850
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