Consultancy Service for Catering & Bread Making, Milk Bar & Milk Value addition

Cordaid is an INGO based in Netherland and implimenting projects in South Sudan in the last 20 years. Cordaid invites potential and eligible bidders to submit in proposal for consultancy service for Catering & Bread Making including Milk Bar and Milk Value Addition as per the attached TOR’s. Instructions regarding the tender are enclosed in the TOR.

All proposals should send by mail to the [email protected] not later than
30th May 2022 and for more inquiries regarding this tender, please contact Cordaid in writing to the email address: [[email protected]] enclosed are the TOR.
TOR Provision of Training to Pastrolist on Milk Bar Establishment…pdf (636.9 KB)
TOR Provision of Training to Young Women on Catering, Bakery & Cooking.pdf (654.6 KB)