Consultancy for Grant Manual Development for Producer Groups - CARE International

Founded in 1945, CARE is a leading international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. In more than 80 countries, CARE’s work in Sudan began in 1993. Responding to the context, throughout the 1990s CARE’s work in the South has largely been humanitarian response, with little longer-term programming. CARE works with the poorest communities, local and international partners to address the underlying causes of poverty through improving livelihoods and food security, increasing access to clean water and sanitation, expanding economic opportunity for small producer groups, helping vulnerable people adapt to climate change and providing lifesaving assistance during emergencies.

CARE is currently implementing CARE is currently implementing a FAO funded Food security and Livelihoods project in Torit County of Imatong State. The aim of the project is to strengthen resilience of communities through improved management and equitable access of water sources for livelihood activities, establishment of farmer associations and Agro-Pastoral Farmers Schools (APFS) and support GBV services to the communities in Imation State.

As part of the LOA with FAO, the service provider, CARE South Sudan shall establish a mechanism for preservation and marketing support to the county level targeting producer groups, Small and Micro Enterprises (SMES), and marketing associations or cooperatives based on a need assessment and close scrutiny of their business plans. In order to successfully discharge these responsibilities, CARE shall develop a tailor-made small grant management manual and deliver training to FAO, CARE and other staffs from stakeholder offices to enhance their grant management skills.
TOR FAO Small Grant Manual Development.pdf (145.4 KB)