Climate Change and Agriculture Course. (6th -10th November, 2017)

Event: Climate Change and Agriculture Course
Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.
Event Date: 6th -10th November, 2017
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In recent decades, it has been observed that there is a rapid change in climatic conditions which has resulted to several negative effects on human activities and development especially in agriculture & the environment. There is little awareness and understanding of the changing world in the rural areas where majority of agriculture and rural development activities are carried out.
Officers involved in agricultural & rural development activities do not have adequate capacity to inform and manage issues resulting from climate change. Thus, there is need to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills in managing the effect of climate change for the development of agriculture and the environment.

5 days

This course is intended for audiences working in governments, funding agencies, and research and development facilitating non-government and Civil society organizations. It is also suitable for business owners and representatives from organizations that support extension services and/or seek to enable an environment in which businesses can flourish.

At the end of this training, participants should be able to:
• Explain the concept and effect of climate change in agriculture development projects.
• Identify factors responsible for climate change.
• Communicate the existing and potential effects of climate change to the agricultural stakeholders in their country or region.
• Apply GIS and remote sensing techniques for decision making in climate change control.
• Advise government officials on soil conservation and eco-agricultural strategies.
• Understand the mitigation and adaptation strategies for managing the effects of climate change.
• Understand modern agrometeorological techniques and methods for climate change adaption and mitigation in agriculture.
• Gain skills in scaling up climate smart agriculture.

• Overview of climate change
• Causes of climate change in the agricultural sector
• Impacts of climate change on agricultural production, food security and environmental development
• Mitigation and adaptation strategies to climate change
• Environmental disaster risk management in agriculture and rural development
• Natural resources management and biodiversity conservation
• Appropriate methods in climate change management
• Climate change and sustainable development
• Gender issues in climate change
• Agrometeorological techniques
• Weather and climate forecasts and their impact on agriculture
• Geographical Information System (GIS) and climate change
• Climate smart Agriculture
• Eco-agriculture innovations
• ICT application in climate change control

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