Call for Expression of Interest for External Audit

Premium Agro Consult (PAC) Ltd was registered in South Sudan in June 2017 as a company limited by shares (Reg. No. 28231 ). The firm was formed by a group of nine South Sudanese nationals, who gained ample experience in provision of freelance consultancy services in business and financial management (2013-mid 2017). The consultancy firm is guided with a well-defined mission statement which always makes us so unique when it comes to delivery, in that we “provide consultancy in agribusiness, research and training services across South Sudan to stimulate growth and employment”. The senior consultants also worked for various private sector development programs in South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. They have hands-on experience and understand the realities of the country. The company, therefore, has proven itself as one of the lead entrepreneurship, assessments and business development player. The company, no doubt, has the expertise in provision of business development advisory services, financial management, agro-technical advice, creation of value chain linkages and market-lead approach in the agricultural sector. The team has been involved in development of entrepreneurship for illiterate and semi-literate groups. Besides, some have been involved in the introduction and adaption of GIZ approach of Farmer Business School (FBS) in South Sudan.

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