BBC -MA Consultancy Advert

29th November, 2016

BBC Media Action uses media and communications to reduce poverty and promote human rights in developing countries. To achieve this, it partners with civil society, local media and governments to:
• Produce creative programmes based on robust research in multi-media formats which inform and engage audiences around key development issues.
• Strengthen the media sector through building professional capacity and infrastructure.

BBC MA in South Sudan is looking for a consultant trainer experienced in working with scriptwriters on the development of a story arc for an episodic radio drama programme. The consultant will spend five days working with a team of three to four scriptwriters with the objective of articulating the overarching story, and then break it down into steps that enable the mapping out of sub-story plots, the identification and continuity of characters, and the production of coherent episodes. The theme of the story is resilience in humanitarian crisis.

The successful applicant will have worked in radio drama and will have demonstrable experience of fostering creative writing and training others. This workshop will take place in either Juba, Nairobi, Kampala or Addis depending on location of the consultant. Applicants are asked to submit their CV, state their preference for the location of the workshop, along with their required fee for preparing and facilitating the workshop.”

Interested candidate should send his/her application and CV to [email protected]
Dateline for submission of application is 9th November 2016
Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted and no application/CV will be given back to unsuccessful candidate.