Agribusiness Enterprise Development and Management Training (10th - 14th July2017)

The agriculture sector plays an important role towards rural development which in turn plays a vital role towards economic development being one of the major sources of income in developing countries. It is a major creator of jobs and plays a key role towards realization of food security in any particular nation.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand basic in agribusiness enterprise development.
  • Gain knowledge on agribusiness diversification.
  • Gain skills on the role of agribusiness growth in rural development.
  • Understand the gender role in agribusiness enterprise development.
  • Gain skills farm management planning.
  • Understand how the economic forces affect both agribusiness and rural development.


  • Basic Concepts in Agribusiness
  • Agribusiness Enterprise Development
  • Farm Management Plan
  • Agribusiness Diversification
  • Cross-cutting issues in Agribusiness Enterprise Development

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