Agri-business-cooperative, FEMA development market linkage and consultancy


GCEL Consultancy is a National Certified research analysis consulting Ltd, capacity building on Food security and livelihood (agriculture) as well as farming as a business with national partners and fully registered in Juba South Sudan by the Ministry of Justice and Registrar of Companies, NGOs and businesses; Reg. No 31,577, with a field office in Torit State, Torit South Sudan.
GCEL is composed of professionals with diverse experiences, practices, skills and knowledge spread across South Sudan mandated to stimulate and improve your understanding of agricultural Innovations and Technologies by identifying and disseminating successful methods, tools and practices.
Get a practical guide to understanding current trends, implementing appropriate interventions, and evaluating the impact of those programs.
the company aim is to provide robotic, innovative and competent professionals to meet the current and emerging needs in most businesses and humanitarian organization Synergy, determination and professionalism are among the key ingredients that make our team able to handle all tasks assigned successfully. Whatever the size of the assignment, we can provide an experienced individual or team to meet each client’s specific needs timely.


Agribusiness and Cooperative/FEMA development is a course oriented towards imparting knowledge about different activities, economic concepts and tools related understanding agriculture as a business.
Agriculture as a business, Micro-enterprise Development and Management, Financial planning,
Principles of Business Management and Marketing, Entrepreneurship Development and Networking.

  • Market Linkages in Value Chain Agriculture as a business
  • Economic approaches and business strategies in agribusiness and enterprise development
  • Approaches and principle of farmer field school
  • Seed quality management
  • Vegetables nursery preparation and management
  • Soil and water management
  • Agricultural Value Chain Development and Market Linkages
  • Agriculture Best Extension Practices.
  • Establishing and Strengthening Farmer Organizations.
  • Market oriented system extension farming skills.
  • Field pest/diseases diagnosis
  • Cooperative service provision skill
  • Village enterprises Market saving association skills.


  1. Baseline Study for the Strengthening Smallholders Resilience (SSR) Project Consultancy
  2. End FSL project audit and end of year evaluation.
  3. Capacity assessment consultancy.
  4. Building
  5. Constructions of bridges.
  6. Drilling of borehole and maintaince.

The main role of these training is to equip participants with knowledge and skills in understanding the context of the Agriculture Sector with the overall goal of strengthening technical capacity for increased consideration and use of Agriculture, food security and livelihoods in decision-making aimed at tackling development issues.

Who should attend?
1 Individuals who are interested in Agribusiness & Agronomy
2 Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
3 Agronomy & Agribusiness professionals who wish to enhance their skills and competencies
4 Any professional in Agronomy areas.

Duration; 3 weeks ( 15 working days)

Fees; 110$US dollars and South Sudanese pound 35,000ssp only.

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