Adobe Illustrator Training Course

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RE : Training Course On Adobe Illustrator

FineResults Research Services would like to invite you to high impact training on ** Adobe Illustrator** to be held in Nairobi from 10 th - 14 th February 2020

Event information

Course Name : Training Course On Adobe Illustrator

Venue : FineResults Research, Nairobi, Kenya

Event Date : 10 th - 14 th February 2020

Course Fee : KES 65000 or USD 800

Registration : REGISTER HERE


Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard vector graphics application that lets you create logos, icons, drawings, typography, and many other complex illustrations for any medium. Illustrator designs can be used in websites, magazines, annual reports, fashion and product design and elements such as infographics. One of the advantages of creating images using Illustrator is that they are scalable, meaning you can resize them with no loss of quality. This training course will make participants gain advanced skills in the use of Adobe Illustrator in their work.


5 Days


Module 1:

Illustrator Essentials

The Illustrator Interface

Navigation Tools

Opening illustrations

Creating new Documents

Exploring Panels & Workspaces

Useful Shortcuts

Organising your Artwork

Introducing Multiple Artboards

Editing the Artboard Size

Aligning & Distributing Artwork

Artwork Components

Rulers, Guides and Grids

Intuitive Smart Guides

Paths, Point and Handles

Grouping Objects

Working in Group Isolation Mode

Module 2:

Creating Basic Shapes

Using the Shaper Tool

Creating Primitive Shapes

Creating Polygons, Stars & Spirals

Drawing Lines

Storing Assets in Libraries

Applying Colour

Colour Modes

Applying Colour to Objects

Spot vs Process Colour

Managing Swatches

Creating Colour Groups

Loading Swatch Libraries

Drawing in Illustrator

Drawing Paths

Tips for Drawing Curves

Editing, Manipulating and Modifying Paths

Adding & deleting Anchor Points

Splitting Cutting and Erasing Paths

Module 3:

Working with Layers

Creating Layers

Using Layers Effectively

Painting in Illustrator

Manipulating Stroke

Creating Dashed Lines

Adding Arrowheads to Strokes

Working with Type

Using Type Tools

Using the Character and Paragraph Panel

Creating Outlines from Text

Type on a Path

Saving and Exporting

Packaging Files for Hand Off

Creating Adobe PDF Files

Exporting Files from Illustrator

Module 4:

The Transform Tools

Scaling, Rotating, Reflecting & Shearing Objects

Changing Object Perspectives

The Distortion Tools

Distorting Objects

Creating Patterns

Different Types of Patterns

Creating & Applying Pattern

Scaling & Moving Patterns

Editing a Pattern

Brushes and Symbols

The Brushes Panel

Understanding Brush Libraries

Applying Brush Stroke to a Path

Creating Different Brushes

Using the Eraser Tool

Creating Complex Shapes

Understanding Pathfinder

Creating & Modifying Compound Shapes

Cutting and Dividing Objects

Module 5:

Using Effects

Understanding & Using Effects

Understanding 3D Effects

Understanding the Appearance Panel

Graphics & Clipping Masks

Placing imported graphics

Linked vs embedded images

Understanding Clipping Masks

Creating a Clipping Mask

Tracing Images

The Image Trace Panel

Using Image Trace

Expanding Paths in a Traced Image

Live Paint

Creating LivePaint Groups

Painting LivePaint Objects

Detecting Gaps

Modifying LivePaint Groups

NB: We are offering you a half day, fun and interactive team building event!


Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact us through Mobile: +254 732 776 700 / +254 759 285 295 or Email: [email protected]


Payment should be transferred to FineResults Research Services Limited bank before commencement of training. Send proof of payment through the email: [email protected]

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How to participate

Individual Registration

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Email: [email protected]

TEL: +254 732 776 700 / +254 759 285 295


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