Adobe Illustrator Essentials Training Course

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Livecode Technologies would like to invite you to take part in our upcoming Adobe Illustrator Essentials Training Course in 2019.



This class includes a thorough review of the Illustrator interface including how to use tools and panels, and how to customize and save workspaces. You will learn how to set up documents and save document presets, use multiple artboards, and navigate and zoom in and out as needed as you create illustrations.

You will also learn to use the selection and drawing tools to create basic shapes and paths, and then combine them to create more complex drawings. A thorough understanding of how to use type in illustrator includes point and area type, as well as the use of styles, and creating type on a path. The class also includes a lesson on the layers panel, and how to organize the elements of your design, and use layers for creating multiple versions of a layout.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this course can expect to learn to:

Work efficiently in the Adobe Illustrator environment with various modes, panels, and settings.

Use the full range of shape drawing and freehand drawing tools to build illustrations.

Apply fill and stroke colors to objects created with the drawing tools.

Develop attractive illustrations using advanced selection, organization, and drawing tools.

Use the full range of transformation and distortion tools to accurately modify objects’ shapes.

Draw accurate vector objects using the Pen tool and its associated features.

Use the various type tools, and apply wrap, flow, shape, and path modifications to typography.

Design an advertisement using appropriate typography, drawing tools, and a clipping mask to contain the art within a shape.

Align multiple objects with the Align panel and create complex shapes from simple objects with the Pathfinder panel and Shape Builder tool.

Design a logo using the appropriate tools and features covered throughout the course.

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Adobe Illustrator Essential Training Course.

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