ACR-Consultant for Gender mainstreaming and policy.

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Development of Resource Mobilization/fundraising strategy and gender policy
a) Prepare a detailed technical narrative and budget proposal for the development of the re-source mobilization/fundraising strategy and gender mainstreaming policy submit to ACR in either soft copies or hard copies for solicitation.
b) In consultation with ACR management prepare a detailed work plan for the implementation of the resource mobilization/fundraising and gender mainstreaming policy development processes.
c) Conduct an analysis of the funding landscape for national non-governmental organizations based on the current context in South Sudan.
d) Based on the current strategic plan, conduct a funding gap analysis for ACR.
e) Conduct assessment to identify and prioritize potential funding sources for ACR with a focus on grants, donations, awards and generation of own income.
f) Prepare a resource mobilization/fundraising plan for Action for Conflict Resolution.
g) Identify at least one funding opportunity and, working jointly with ACR management, prepare and submit fundraising concepts note in response to the opportunities.
h) Carryout gender analysis and mainstreaming in ACR programming.
i) Together with ACR Management, staffs and board members, develop recommendation to help ACR in mainstreaming gender in all its programmes
j) Train ACR staff on gender mainstreaming
k) Develop ACR gender mainstreaming policy.
l) Submit final reports on Resource mobilization/fundraising strategy and gender mainstreaming policy development.