Accredited Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma Courses- October 2023 Intake

Action Institute for Professional Studies is a leading and fully accredited provider of Research, Training, and Consultancy services to International Development Organizations. We assist our partners to increase the impact and efficiency of their social interventions by providing a range of innovative solutions for sustainable results.

What we do:

-Design and improve new training courses and modules in expertise areas;

-Apply appropriate training approaches to facilitate high-quality training sessions;

-Design and improve the training materials, tools and training methods;

-Keep track of the participant’s learning curve during the training;

-Provide post-training support to the participants;


We are pleased to invite you or your organization’s staff to participate in our Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Online Training Courses. We have intakes on the 5th of every month.


Over the years we have offered Online Training and Open Workshops/Seminars/Training in different courses including:

-Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation Course

-Diploma in Grants Management Course

-Diploma in Food Security and Nutrition in Humanitarian Emergencies

-Diploma in Project Planning and Management

-Diploma in M& E of Nutrition and Food Security Projects

-Diploma in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning( MERL)

-Diploma in Production and Operations Management

-Diploma in Remote Team Management

-Diploma in Real Estate Management

-Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics

-Diploma in Forced Migration

-Diploma in Business Administration

-Diploma in International Humanitarian Assistance

-Diploma in Project Proposal Writing and Fundraising

-Diploma in Security Management

-Diploma in Agri-Business Management

Diploma in Warehouse & Supply Chain Management

-Diploma in Climate Change

-Diploma in Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, and Negotiation

-Diploma in Child Psychology & Development

-Diploma in Livelihoods and Food Security

-Diploma in Public Health

-Diploma in Human Resource Management

-Diploma in Environmental Studies

-Diploma in Public Relations

-Diploma in Effective Communication in Humanitarian Emergencies

-Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation for Humanitarian Programs & Projects

-Diploma in Child Protection

-Diploma in Archives and Records Management

-Diploma in Public Policy and Administration

-Diploma in Women and Gender Studies

-Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

-Diploma in Value Chain Development & Market

-Diploma in Social Media Marketing

-Diploma in Peace and Development Studies

-Diploma in Gender-Based Violence

-Diploma in MEAL

-Diploma in Nutrition Surveillance

-Diploma in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

-Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

-Diploma in Social and Community Development

-Diploma in Education in Emergencies

-Diploma in Managing People & Projects in Humanitarian Emergencies

-Diploma in Humanitarian Emergency & Disaster Management

-Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and many others.


-PGD IN Monitoring & Evaluation

-PGD IN Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

-PGD IN Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning

-PGD IN Project Planning and Management

-PGD IN Economics

-PGD IN Finance Management for NGO

-PGD IN Environmental & Sustainable Development


-PGD IN Social and Community Development

-PGD IN Criminology & Security Management

-PGD IN Gender-Based Violence

-PGD IN Gender & Development Studies

-PGD IN Business Administration & Management

-PGD IN Logistics & Supply Chain Management

PGD IN Real Estate Management

-PGD IN Disaster Preparedness and Management

-PGD IN Grants Management

-PGD IN Water Resources Management

-PGD IN Climate Change

-PGD IN Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Negotiation

-PGD IN International Relations

-PGD IN Public Health

-PGD IN Peace Building and Development Studies

-PGD IN Procurement & Supply Chain Management

-PGD IN Human Resource Management

-PGD IN Public Relations

-PGD IN Sustainable Development

-PGD IN Agriculture

-PGD IN Security Management

-PGD IN Humanitarian Logistics

-PGD IN Child Development & Psychology

-PGD IN Human Nutrition and Dietetics

-PGD IN Livelihoods and Food Security

-PGD IN Monitoring & Evaluation of Nutrition & Food Security Projects

-PGD IN Humanitarian Emergency & Disaster Management and many others.


If you are interested in any of the above or any other course, kindly fill in the attached application form and send us back. We will send you the course brief and all registration details concerning the course. All learning materials are placed on the online platform where you receive the login credentials to access them after we confirm your payment.

The entry requirement for the Diplomas is a Secondary school certificate and for the PGD’S is a Degree certificate from a recognized university or a Diploma from a relevant field.

To apply for any of the above courses, kindly write an email to us or contact us through ;

Lucy Chege

The Administrator

Action Institute For Professional Studies

Email: [email protected]


Tel no/WhatsApp: +254 727 616 783