Upcoming Research and Statistics Training Events on March 2017

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Research, data management, statistical analysis and reporting is a service area of increasing interest to many organizations, projects and programmes among other areas. Clear and in-depth understanding of the entire research, data management, statistical analysis and reporting process is key to making informed inferences relevant for reporting and decision making. Our Research and Statistics Department offers training programs tailored to meet the diversified needs of our participants. We aim at enhancing our participants capability of developing, and applying sound statistical foundations essential for the advancing their research, data management and statistical analysis endeavors while deriving valid inferences and reports. Our trainings programs provide participants with opportunities for ensuring that complete and accurate data is collected and maintained in order to support analyses that sustain the scientific goals and research advancements.

Upcoming training Events under Research and Statistics Departments

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Training on Mobile Phone Based Data Collection Using ODK and Mapping (6th-10th March 2017)
Training on Data Processing using Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) (6th-10th March 2017)
ODK for Monitoring and Evaluation Training (6th-10th March 2017)
• [International Training on Research Design & Methodology, Data management, Analysis, Inferences and Reporting (2 weeks) (6th-17th March 2017)] (http://versedpro.com/index.php/training-events/research-and-statistics/224-international-training-on-research-design-methodology-data-management-analysis-inferences-and-reporting-2)

Research, Data Management, Graphics & Statistical Analysis using Stata Training (13th-17th March 2017)
Research Approaches, Data Management & Analysis for Quantitative and Qualitative Researches using Stata & NVivo (2 weeks) (13th-24th March 2017)

Data management, Graphics & statistical analysis using SPSS Training (20th-24th March 2017)
Qualitative Data Management and Analysis Using NVivo Training (20th-24th March 2017)

Training Event Fees and Venue
The training event fee is USD 1050 for a 5-day training workshop and USD 2100 for a training workshop. This caters for Facilitation, 2 Refreshment breaks (Morning and Afternoon Snack) and Buffet Lunch during the entire training period.

This fee does not cover accommodation and travel logistics. We can organize for your Accommodation and Airport pick up at an Extra cost.

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