Post Graduate (PGD) & Diploma Programmes (Discounted May 2019 Intake)

(Patriciah Ireri) #1

The Africa Center for Project Management (ACPM), is offering the following Discounts for the following Post Graduate & Diploma Courses running from the 1st of May 2019, to New and Continuing Students…

1.Food Security & Nutrition in Humanitarian Emergencies Diploma Course (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 400)
2.Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian & Development Studies - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
3.Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Sociology & Community Development (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
4.Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (PGD PH) - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
5.International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance ( IDHA) - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 400)
6.Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGD HRM) - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
7.Post Graduate Diploma in Purchasing & Supply chain Management - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
8.Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (PGD M&E) - (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
9.Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian & Conflict Responses (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
10.Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management (SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
11.Post Graduate Diploma in Water Sanitation & Hygiene ( SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)
12.Post Graduate Diploma in Forced Migration ( SPECIAL OFFER - USD 600)

Mode of delivery of the proposed programmes

Online/distance learning

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out a detailed Application form and sent it back via email to the undersigned.


The Academics Manager
Africa Center for Project Management Studies (ACPM)
Email: [email protected]