DIPLOMA IN GRANTS MANAGEMENT (1st April-30th Sep 2019)

(Moreen Mbogo) #1

The purpose of this course is to build the capacity of those in charge ofoverseeing institutional donor grants to meet donors’ financial terms & conditions while actualizing programs. Effective grant management skills by project managers can lead to more financing from donors to organizations.

The course will cover the important aspects of grant management, the grants management cycle and the emerging issues and patterns in the Grants Management Process.

DURATION: Six Months

DATE : 1ST of every month

FEE: USD 1000

To register for this course send an email to:

Training Manager
Strategia, Netherlands
Prinses Beatrixlaan 58
2595 BM ,The Hague, Netherlands
Tel: +31 610 526 239 +31 682 546 260
Email: [email protected]
Website : www.strategianetherlands.nl