Applications Open for Training of Trainers at MS Training Center for Development Cooperation

(Ainebyona Robert) #1

Training of Trainers Course

Course Objectives
The aim of this course is to enhance training competences of associate trainers within the framework of the following courses:

Tax and tax power campaigns and programming

Gender Responsive Public Services (GRPS) and public service delivery

Social accountability and;

Human Rights based Approach (HRBA)

Course Content

  1. MSTCDC training methodology

  2. Training answers to learning by head, hand and heart

  3. Bringing about learning

  4. Participants motivation in learning

  5. Learning becoming know-how

  6. Learning contents and learning processes

  7. The role and personality of a facilitator

  8. Choosing appropriate training design

  9. Understanding ActionAid’s Theory of Change

  10. ActionAid’s history of campaigns

  11. Human Rights based Approach (HRBA) influence in facilitation

  12. Development of future trainings

  13. Ideas of good facilitation and its influence in Action Aid.

  14. Competencies and its impact on ActionAid’s trainings

  15. Evaluation of the training

Course duration
1 Week
Fee for the Course
Tuition only for this course is US$ 350 Only
Lukundo Zawadi
Course Administrator
MS Training Center for Development Cooperation.
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Tel.: +255 27 2541044/6/8 and 2541052
Email: [email protected]