Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management Training (29th May 2017)

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Agribusiness finance plays a key role in setting up an agribusiness enterprise being a major factor of production. Therefore; this training explores the use of specific management tools to improve decision-making within an agribusiness firm so as to ensure effective sourcing and application of financial resources.

By the end of the training, the learner will be able to;

  • Gain skills in agribusiness investment and agribusiness finance.
  • Understand how financial statements are constructed in the agricultural sector and the general rules of construction they follow.
  • Acquire skills in agribusiness lending.
  • Identify major agricultural credit risks alongside the other agribusiness risks.
  • Understand risk mitigation and management tools for agricultural investment risks.
  • Understand financial data and what it says about a firm’s condition and direction.
  • Acquire skills in capital budgeting, how cash budgets are used to determine processes and how cash resources will be acquired and allocated over time by the agribusiness entity.


  • Nature of agribusiness products
  • Risks and uncertainty in agribusiness
  • Why is investment risk important?
  • Importance of rural and agricultural finance
  • Features of rural and agribusiness finance
  • Sources of agribusiness finance
  • Financial analysis and control of agribusiness projects
  • Capital budgeting and long-term decision making
  • Gender and access to agribusiness finance
  • Microfinance institutions role and impacts in financing SMEs
  • Key challenges for rural and agricultural financial service provision
  • Risk management in rural financial institutions


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