Upcoming Training Workshop in Employability Program Boot Camp (Competency Based)

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Tech For Development -T4D would like to invite you to a high impact Training Course in Employability Program Boot Camp (Competency Based) to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 9th Dec to 3rd Jan, 2020

Event Information

Course Name: Employability Program Boot Camp (Competency Based).

Venue: Tech for Development Training Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Event Date: 9th Dec to 3rd Jan, 2020

Course Fee: KES 200,000 OR USD 2,500

Online Registration: Register here

Employability Program Bootcamp (Competency Based)


This training program has been inspired by the global push for the adoption of Competency Based Curriculums. This program has therefore been developed in line with the principles of a Competency Based Curriculum.

A competency based curriculum is a curriculum that emphasizes what learners are expected to do rather than mainly focusing on what they are expected to know. In principle, such a curriculum is learner-centred and adaptive to the changing needs of students, teachers, and society. It implies that learners can acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to solve situations they encounter in everyday life.

Furthermore, the job market in the 21st century is evolving to create more opportunities in self-employment, online jobs, freelance jobs, jobs in small and micro enterprises rather than the traditional models of employment in careers like teaching, medicine, engineering, etc.

This training program will impart skills that will enable individuals to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Target Learners

Post-secondary students

University/College students

Those interested in gaining practical hands-on employability skills

Those interested in gaining hands-on skills in the learning areas covered

Corporates interested in up skilling their staff

Governments interested in up skilling their staff


4 weeks/ 20 days/ 130 hours


A laptop computer

Delivery Mode

One on one classroom based training

Fly me a trainer

Tailor made-training

Online training

Corporate training

Weekend/Evening training

Learning Areas

Office Skills

Basic introduction to IT

Internet skills

Email communication

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Point

Web Development



Graphic design

Website development/Maintenance using Joomla

Website development/Maintenance using Word Press

Website domain and hosting


Digital Marketing

Research Skills

Communication skills

Planning and scheduling software and skills

Project management software and skills

Projects collaboration software and skills

Data Collection (Mobile Data Collection)

Data Collection (SMS Data Collection)

Finding information off the internet

Proposal writing

Report writing


Business transaction documents

Online academic writing

Sources of freelance opportunities

How to make money online

Case study

Action points

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

Interact resourcefully with the internet

Understand the basic principles of computing

Work professionally with MS Office applications (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point )

Issue and respond to business transaction documents

Issue and respond to procurement documents (Proposals, EOI, Tenders etc)

Communicate formally and professionally via email

Build, edit and style web pages using HTML and CSS

Develop, host and manage professional websites using Joomla and Word Press

Conduct professional SEO and digital marketing

Plan and schedule tasks on a software

Work with a project manage software for project collaboration and project management

Develop mobile and SMS data collection applications

Write proposals

Write reports

Make money online

Become self employed

Other Benefits

Learners will be issued with a certificate

Learners will be given free after training support (In person, email, Skype and phone)

Learners will be added to a weekly email newsletter of relevant opportunities

All training resources will be provided after the training


This instructor led training course is delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. Participants should be reasonably proficient in English.

Action plan

Visit our website for more details.

Tailor-made training

This training course can also be tailored for your organization. This way, your organization will benefit by:

Using own datasets and tools during the training.

Being able to choose areas of interest you wish the trainer to put more emphasis on.

Taking the course in-house or at a venue of choice.

Cutting on the cost of transport and accommodation.


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How to participate

Register as individual

Contact information

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +254 706909947
Website: www.t4d.co.ke

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Customer Relationship Officer,
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