Upcoming Agricultural Trainings (30th April to 04th May 2018)

Food Security Policies Formulation and Implementation Course (30th April to 04th May 2018)

Food security policies are developed to nurture the development of a food secure state in which all of its citizens are hunger-free, healthy and benefit from the food systems that impact their lives. The policies also affirms the commitment to supporting sustainable food systems that provide people with high quality food, employment, and that also contribute to the long-term well-being of the environment.

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Agriculture, Innovation and Technology Course (30th April to 04thMay 2018)

The livelihoods of the world’s poor rise and fall with the fate of agriculture. Enhancing the ability of smallholders to connect with the knowledge, networks, and institutions necessary to improve their productivity, food security, and employment opportunities is a fundamental development challenge.

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Crop Biotechnology Course (30th April to 04th May 2018)

Biotechnology refers to various techniques and technologies used in the bio-industrial production or bio-genetic controlled processes involving vegetable, animal or human organisms. Genetic manipulation is the most common form of using living organisms and bi-molecular processes for the creation or modification of the physical properties of various types of products.

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