Training on Transport and Logistics Management December, 2019

Event Details: Training on Transport and Logistics Management

Logistics and transport are essential functions affecting organizations’ functioning, their economy, and their competitiveness. Whether delegates work in a transport or logistics function, or in any part of the supply chain, training and courses can help you and your employees develop new skills and refresh existing skills, improve performance and extend their career opportunities.


This training is ideal for those staff already working in logistics, transport or supply chain roles as the trainingwill improve their knowledge and skills in transport, logistics and supply chain. The course will also benefit staff moving into the management of logistics.


Module 1: Introduction/Recap to Transport and Logistics
Module 2: Transport and Logistics Management
Module 3: Transport and Logistics Planning
Module 4: Quality Control Management of Transport and Logistics Activities
Module 5: Ethical and legal aspect of logistics and Transport
Module 7: Management of Transport and Logistics Safety
Module 8: Information systems and technology for Logistics and Transport
Module 9: Logistics Management Information Systems
Module 10: Logistics Competence Maturity Matrix
Module 11: Communication in Logistics and Transport

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This training can also be customized for your institution upon request. You can have it delivered your preferred location.

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